Integration Technologies is proud to incorporate environmental sustainability through innovative technology. With Integration Technologies, you don’t have to sacrifice high performance network efficiency to be environmentally responsible. More and more companies are manufacturing eco-friendly products with lower energy requirements and fewer harmful toxins. Optimizing employee productivity often results in creating a more energy efficient work environment. We would be happy to utilize these greener products and concepts into your office. Please see the “contact us” page to schedule an appointment.

Some Greener IT Infrastructure Solutions:


Investing in an all-in-one multifunction printer, allows you to scan documents instead of printing unnecessary papers. This saves you money from purchasing extra paper, toner and ink while reducing the impact on the environment. Another way we can reduce energy is by setting power saving settings on all your office computers. This will ensure your energy efficiency within your office. Also keep in mind, if your electronics are plugged in, they are still using electricity. So, by unplugging your electronics when they are not in use, you save money on your energy bill while helping the environment.


A great way to go greener is to recycle your old electronic devices. “Electronic waste” or otherwise called e-waste contains mercury and other contaminates. Recycling and disposal of such products whether recyclable or non-recyclable, may be hazardous, caution is advised. Integration Technologies would be pleased to service this responsibility when replacing your old electronic products with new ones. Otherwise, feel free to browse our website and review our “resourceful websites” page for additional websites for recycling in your area.


Video conferencing technology substitutes physical travel with conducting virtual meetings.Integration Technology partners with Cisco and other manufacturers in integrating innovative use of the Internet and of communications technology. This partnership allows you more flexibility within your work environment. As a result, this impact increases profitability and opportunity for additional revenue within your business.

Clean & Sustainable:

During the recession, there was a need to minimize IT costs without reducing the quality and capabilities that a server does in meeting the ever changing needs of businesses. Various companies have responded to this need, thus, the blade server was born. The blade server created cost savings while increasing energy and management efficiencies. Some of the benefits of having a blade server instead of a rack mounted system are significant savings. The blade server has a 15-20% savings in power, up to 40% savings in cabling costs, depending on your office size. In addition to the many benefits, the blade server allows for a clean and sustainable atmosphere.

Internet Faxing is simple to use, convenient, and cost effective. Integrating it to your office is simple and eliminates unnecessary costs to your business. Internet faxing allows you to send and receive faxes through your email, web browser and mobile app. You will receive your fax as an email attachment. Your customers won’t even know that you are using it. This simple change allows you the freedom to do business practically anywhere, while reducing waste and being a clean and sustainable company.