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Integration Technologies offers a complimentary consultation to our new clients. In most cases, our technicians will travel to your office to do a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system. This service allows our computer technicians to identify and diagnose any problems or issues that may already exist within the system. Our qualified technician will then have a thorough discussion with you to get a better understanding of your future goals for your business. This is an important aspect of the process. It is during the consultation stage that you are encouraged to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have.

The consultation also focuses on advising business owners on how to use information technology to meet the needs and goals of your specific business. Since we understand that each business is unique and have specific individual needs, we are able to accommodate your specified requirements as needed.

After the consultation, our team is able to determine what needs to be changed or modified in order to make your existing system work more efficiently. We look forward to setting an appointment at your earliest convenience.